Mount Portofino


The protected sea area of Portofino is the paradise in the Mediterranean Diving and underwater fishing ,with its marvellous sea bottoms and also for canoeing and surf underwater fishing . The marvellous protected sea area offering many occasions to relax for those who wish to spend a holiday in nature, is part of the blue sea that surrounds the Portofino promontory.

Under water

The presence of gorges and caves favours the growth of red coral, horny coral, lobsters and a rich fish fauna (grouper, bream, dentix and corvina) that may be seen also when snorkelling. Divers may contact the Diving Centers located in Santa Margherita Ligure . They offer tours in extraordinary diving sites: from Punta del Faro di Portofino, to shipwrecks and the Cristo degli Abissi statue.

diving Santa Margherita   snorkeling

The Portofino Marine Reserve and the shallow wrecks off the Ligurian coast Portofino is an all-year-round diving location.Depending on the season, water temperature hovers between 12-14°C December through March and 24-26 °C during July-September, enabling you to enjoy a wonderful diving experience in calm seas with little wind. At times, though, you might experience variable conditions, but diving is still going to be memorable.



The Marine Reserve of Portofino ( Created in 1999 ) is managed by a Consortium of authorities like the University and Province of Genoa and the Municipalities of Portofino, Camogli and Santa Margherita Ligure.

portofino marine reserve

Encompassing the area of the sea in front of Mount Portofino, including also the underwater portion of the promontory, the Reserve offers a unique environment for the study of the sea bottom and its cliffs.

protected sea

The abundance and variety of marine life makes it a major attraction for diving enthusiasts.For your holiday in Portofino and Santa Margherita , the best online travel agency for Liguria is Liforyou: Resorts in Liguria, bike friendly hotels Liguria and the best diving hotels. Info: +39.329.8580990 – or –

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