Aperitif at the Museum

Diano Marina / Aperitif at the Museum

On August 24th at 6.30pm. Among ancient finds, modern tasting: present the Somellier FISAR pro the tasting of Ligurian wines. Booking is welcome. Admission Euro 5.

The summer initiatives of the MARM continue in Diano Marina: guided tours, educational workshops, cultural aperitifs

The summer initiatives promoted by the Museo Civico del Lucus Bormani in Diano Marina continue throughout the week.

cultura diano

On Wednesday 22nd August the MARM organizes a new Extra Omnes evening appointment “Discovering the art and monuments of Diano Marina”. With meeting at 9.00 pm at the Risorgimento Section you can visit the many places of historical and artistic interest that enrich the “City of the Orange Trees”: the Politeama Dianese – Sandro Palmieri Theater, the Piazza del Comune with its historic buildings, such as the 19th century Palazzo Maglione, the monument to the fallen of the First World War and the “Cannone di Diano Marina”. The guided tour will last about 90 minutes, the contribution is 2.00 per person.

palazzo del parco

Thursday, August 23, at 9.00 pm, the recreational-educational workshop “Let’s play among the finds of the Museum” will be organized, a nice opportunity to discover the long history of our area in a playful and fun way. Participants will have to face pitfalls and pitfalls, pass skill tests, solve riddles.

Saturday 24th August, at 6.30pm, the second unmissable appointment with “Brindando con Diana”, the aperitif at the Museum between history and tasting. Visitors, accompanied by the Museum staff – Daniela Gandolfi, Lorenzo Ansaldo, Gianmaria Mandara – will be able to walk in the rooms admiring the exhibits from the ancient Lucus Bormani and in particular exploring the history of wine, through the historical artefacts related to the transport of wine and its tasting. The journey in the Museum continues sipping fine wines offered by the expert and expert hands of the sommeliers of the Delegation of Imperia and Savona of the FISAR (Italian Sommelier Federation), illustrated by the Secretary of the FISAR Giampiero Merano, and tasting the delicate delicacies offered by the “A bitega du pan ”Of Diano Marina and all those who want to contribute.

cultura Diano marina

All the events on the calendar were organized as usual in close collaboration with the International Institute of Ligurian Studies and the Culture Office of the Municipality of Diano Marina.

Toasting … with Diana in Diano Marina

In Diano Marina, Saturday 24 August 2019, toasting … with Diana.

Aperitif at the Museum: at 18.30 at the MARM Museo Civico Diano Marina. The staff of the Civic Museum of Diano Marina awaits you among ancient finds and modern tasting: we will talk about wine stories of the ancients through the amphorae of the Museum

The FISAR Sommeliers of the Imperia and Savona Delegation were present for the tasting of a selection of Ligurian wines.

Reservation is appreciated.

Admission: 5.00

museo civico

For information & reservations: Lucus Bormani Civic Museum, Palazzo del Parco, Corso Garibaldi 60, 18013 Diano Marina (IM), Tel./fax 0183.497621, www.palazzodelparco.it

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