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FlorArte Arenzano

From 25 to 28 April 2019 FlorArte Arenzano, floral exhibition in the Negrotto Parco Cambiaso, perfumes, flowers, art, events.

The activities in the three days are many, art, floriculture, craftsmanship, concerts and the twelfth floriculture market exhibition with events dedicated to living green

FlorArte is promoted and organized by the Department of Tourism and Culture of the Municipality of Arenzano, a town on the Western Ligurian Riviera.


20th edition of FlorArte Arenzano – art interpreted with flowers in the Park of Arenzano – Villa Negrotto Cambiaso Colors, scents, shapes merge in a special atmosphere due to the extraordinary and unique place in which the exhibition is set up, the liberty greenhouse of the Negrotto Cambiaso Park, inserted in the circuit of the Historical Gardens of the Liguria Region.

The historic parks of Arenzano Negrotto Cambiaso, Villa Mina and Villa Figoli Des Geneys are the protagonists of many free initiatives related to the world of art, crafts and floriculture: events and concerts under the centuries-old trees, among ponds and peacocks, the market show in the avenues.FlorArte, an event that has been called a “garden of art”, where art merges with flowers.


This year, when FlorArte is twenty years old, the traditional Floral Tribute is dedicated to the works of the Masters of Arenzano or linked to Arenzano.The florists who interpret the artistic works are some of the members of the “Bouquet of Sanremo” team, mainly using flowers from Liguria. The 2019 installation in the greenhouse will take inspiration from the best friends of the park of Arenzano, the peacocks.In the adjacent “serretta”, the artists chosen by the international Kunst & Arte association will also exhibit in the Art Route.

Over the years, the event has naturally expanded, becoming a reference tool aimed at promoting and protecting the historic garden and what it represents, in all its aspects and, from the monumental greenhouse, has extended to the territory.

florarte- Event

To accompany the main event in the Art Nouveau conservatory, the tribute to the Master, will take place the exhibition floriculture with many events dedicated to living green, organized by active cultural associations including the Flower Music Festival by the Arenzano Philharmonic. The inauguration will take place on April 24th at 4.30pm and in the following days, as well as the April 25th Liberation Day, free initiatives will be organized, concerts, workshops, meetings, guided tours, involving the town and other historical parks of Arenzano, Villa Figoli and Villa Mina, until Sunday 28 April. With Aspettando FlorArte, from April 15th to May 6th, ample space will be dedicated to the Arenzano peacocks, which often, from the avenues and gardens of the Negrotto Cambiaso Park, go freely into the alley and avenues of the village, protected and loved by all: the photographer Caterina Lazzaro conceived the #unavitadapavoneArenzano project and will exhibit their photos in the shop windows.Nature, art, history, ecology and environmental protection, green living: these are the basic themes of FlorArte.

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