Biking along the roads of the flowers Riviera, sweating breathlessly along the undemanding uphills, with a sigh of relief in the enjoyable level sections, winging in the indented and sinuous slopes, flooded by the light, the scents and feeling content when overlooking the green valleys and the relaxing blue colour of the Mediterranean sea further down, stopping to quench one’s thirst at a secluded and rustic fountain, finally returning to the original destination with a pleasant tiredness and many colourful images in the eyes!. In the “Riviera dei Fiori” and its unexpected hinterland bikers find everything they need to test their skills and spend their energies and leisure time as they wish. The morphology of the valleys, perpendicular to the coastline, creates a winding road network connecting picturesque villages in the hinterland to scenic ridges, with frequent uphills and downhills that progressively increase when penetrating into the hinterland. In the areas closer to the coast you can bike all year round by going up the sunny terraced hills jetting out onto the sea along tortuous slopes like those of Cipressa and Poggio, among the most famous uphill stages of the Milano-Sanremo classical race par excellence. Further inland, the Ligurian Alps create a marvellous backdrop and the sea stretching out to the horizon can be seen when reaching the most difficult saddles (Colle Langan, PassoTeglia, Colle San Bartolomeo, Passo del Ginestro, …) that connect one valley to the next.

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If you like easier itineraries or you’re on a family outing, there is a new cycling path along the sea front, that will be further extended to the entire coastline of the Riviera, with some sections penetrating into the valleys for a relaxed discovery of true old towns and for tasting delicious local specialties. The climate is always mild, the air is revitalizing and every season offers ideal biking conditions.

passo del Ginestro  Poggio


A journey through ancient trade routes filled with a thousand years of history: walls and terraces eroded by the waters, nestled villages overlooking the valleys, towns crossed by stone bridges, the passageway of ancient roads, sunny villas with parks facing the sea, small fishing villages that evoke traditions of the past. A traditional cuisine, genuine, simple but tasty, filled with Mediterranean flavours, the fruit of products from the land and sea: oil and wine, pasta and traditional focaccias, wild game, cheeses from alpine pastures, fresh fish cooked with such mastery that the very sight of it fills you with desire.

Milano Sanremo


A warm welcome and specialized services to make you feel at home : safe storage for the bikes, a place to dry your clothes and a laundry service upon request , a small repair shop for emergencies , printed matter for your excursions and… the warmest hospitality of our people!

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