Bio-walk by the sea

Diano Marina / Bio-walk by the sea

2 January 11 am, Bio-walk by the sea, meeting at the IAT office. Appointment on the beach to learn together to observe the marine organisms that the sea gives us back simply by walking on the shore. A walk suitable for all ages. Free participation.

All on the beach for the Bio-walk, accompanied by the instructors of InfoRmare we will take a walk on the sea shore. Sea waves return many things, both animal and vegetable organisms and polluting agents, such as plastics. All together, walking on the seashore, we will learn to observe the beach with the eyes of marine biologists to understand what lies beneath its surface and to begin together to protect one of the most crucial habitats for our existence.


Taking advantage of the optimal weather conditions, at 11 am the staff of the InfoRmare Association proposes the Bio-walk on the beach, a walk by the sea under the guidance of experts, to discover the biodiversity of the Dianese sea and to explain the “naturalness” of the winter shoreline, sometimes so different from the summer shoreline, observing on the shore the organisms that the sea “returns” in this period. Participation is free and the duration is approximately one hour. The meeting is scheduled at the IAT Office, next to the parish church. The initiative, suitable for people of all ages, will be repeated on January 2nd.

As usual, the initiatives of the InfoRmarededicate association dedicated to our sea and the protection of our seabed return during the Christmas period. This morning the association’s volunteers, along with many tourists and non-tourists, strolled through the beaches of Diano Marina.

Bio-Passeggiata sul mare 3

“We thought of enhancing our marine territory through the beach which in this period presents itself in a different way compared to the summer when it is most popular”, explains Susanna Manuele of the InfoRmare Association.

“The ‘Bio-walk’ is nothing more than a walk in which we focus our attention on what the sea gives us back. The beach is a natural environment and can tell us a lot about the sea and the biodiversity inside it. Depending on the seasons on the beach we can find posidonia, a real aquatic plant that is often exchanged for algae, but which is of fundamental importance. The velelle in spring, the shells that can tell us many stories.”

Bio-passeggiata sul mare

Susanna also does not fail to remind us of the delicate balance of the marine territory and to respect it as such. “The more you know one thing, the more you are led to protect it,” he explains.

The appointment with the “bio-walk” returns on Thursday 2 January, while this afternoon the initiative “The sea on the wall” which consists of the projection of underwater images and videos made by the members of the “InfoRmare” association on the city walls returns di Diano Marina from 5.00 pm onwards.

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