Diano Marina and Cervo

Diano Marina and Cervo a shore of intense beauty, sandy beaches surrounded by a vegetation in between the exotic and the Mediterranean, palm trees, agaves, maritime pines, olive trees, citrus of Milanese who chose this location because of its climate and hospitable shore. The Paradisi village (beyond the bridge over the stream San Pietro) includes the greatest concentration of hotels, premises and shops where one can enjoy a few relaxing hours of shopping on the way back from the beach.

Diano Marina beach   Diano Marina

On the promenade, after crossing over Via Aurelia, the palace of the Parco houses the civic museum that holds pre-Roman and Roman orchards, this is the gulf of Diano Marina and Cervo, a large inlet between cape Berta and cape Cervo. Diano Marina is its barycenter, with its hotel structures, the important bathing establishments and well patronized nightclubs. The tourism vocation of Diano Marina was born with the rebuilding of the town after the 1887 earthquake that destroyed almost entirely the old seafaring village.


Hotel Paradiso became the symbol of the rebuilding wanted by a colony findings, and Napoleon and Risorgimento relics. In between the railroad and the sports ground, there is the archeological area that preserves the small church of palaeochristian origin, dedicated to Santi Nazario e Celso. An appointment that cannot be missed at Diano Marina is the “Infiorata del Corpus Domini”, when the streets of the town are covered by fantastic and fragrant carpets of multicolored flower petals.

Diano Marina sea

Cervo is as a counterpoint to the noisy vivaciousness of the coast, on a hill smoothly sloping down towards the sea, we find Cervo. The scenic and majestic parish church of San Giovanni Battista dominates the village. It is one of the most important examples of Baroque architecture in Liguria. Built by the community of Cervo with the profits earned from their fishing industry and coral trade, based on the design of architect Gio Batta Marvaldi, this church (with valuable eighteenth century stuccoes in the interior) turns into a magnificent background for the concerts of the Festival Intemazionale di Musica da Camera, which take place on its splendid parvis during the summer.

church of San Giovanni

On top of the hill, anchored right on the rock, there is the Clavesana’s castle, that underwent many modifications during the centuries, and which still today preserves its original aspect of military defense with its ramparts and crenels.

Diano gulf

It houses the ethnographic museum of the Ponente Ligure. In the village, the ancient medieval houses, arrayed on two or three floors, follow one another in a fanciful play of narrow and shadowed alleys. Still almost intact notwithstanding the time, they preserve on the ground floor the big arches of the ancient porticoes. From the square of the castle, through olive groves and thick pinewoods, the excursion towards the park of the “Ciappa” finds its reward in a panoramic view of the Diano gulf. At the foot of the hill, for sea lovers, the little bays hidden among the rocks offer peaceful and pleasant shelters. The little restaurants of the place offer specialties of refined tastes, mainly bound to the local fish catch: i.e. octopus salad, cuttle-fish sepia risotto, grilled fish and seafood.

windfestival windfestival Diano Marina

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