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Dolls: story of a timeless Passion

Genoa / Dolls: story of a timeless Passion

Visit to the Royal Palace and exhibition dedicated to dolls. It is the first time that visitors to the Royal Palace, in addition to exploring the historic apartments of the Museum, have the opportunity to take advantage of exhibit proposals.

In the wake of international museums that have dedicated important exhibitions to the Doll (from the historic Dolls Exhibition to the Brooklyn Museum, New York, to the more recent Small Stories: at Home in a Dolls’House at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London) the Genoese exhibition ” Dolls – stories of a timeless passion “aims at the enhancement of little-known cultural assets, with a value of strong emotional and sociological impact, fitting into the rich calendar of cultural proposals of the Royal Palace of Genoa. The exhibition, curated by Elisabetta Piccioni and Renata Frediani, is open to the public from 4 May to 28 July 2019.

giardi no palazzo reale

The “Bambole” exhibition is open to the public at the same time as the exhibition dedicated to the works of Antonio G. Santagata, La memoria della guerra. Antonio G. Santagata and the twentieth century wall painting, housed on the ground floor of the Theater.

His story is also linked to the artisans who have made it over time, through memories deposited in drawings, photographs, albums, catalogs, archival papers, letters and projects, materials and media that will be present in the exhibition.

The fulcrum of the exhibition is the Frediani collection, an extraordinary collection of rare examples of dolls from the 18th century to the present, already exhibited in 2012 at the State Archive of Lucca.


The over 200 specimens exhibited in the Teatro del Falcone are different for construction techniques and types.

From the dolls in bakelite to the ones in pressed cardboard, from those in fabric and in papier-mâché to the refined models in bisquit of French production, from the examples of the famous Lenci production to the modern ones in vinyl and resin, will emerge the high executive level reached by this very special type of artifact.

The exhibition intends to underline how, over time, the doll has had intense relationships with the decorative arts, design and fashion as well as, of course, with sculpture.

The dolls of the second half of the twentieth century will conclude the journey: from cinema to rock music, from fashion photography, with a look at the collecting phenomena that characterize the American Barbie.

bambole Genova

A theme, therefore, with multiple perspectives, in its cultural and sociological implications.

The venue: Teatro del Falcone, Palazzo Reale in Genoa

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 14-19.

Weekdays mornings, by appointment, for schools and guided tours

Tickets: 5 exhibition ticket (including the entrance to the exhibition The memory of war. Antonio G. Santagata and the twentieth century wall painting); free up to 18 years; 8 full (with admission to the Palazzo Reale Museum); 4 reduced (with admission to the Palazzo Reale Museum)

Tickets for 8 and 4 give access to the Palazzo Reale Museum at the following times:

Tuesday and Friday 9.00 / 14.00

Wednesday and Thursday 9.00 / 19.00

Saturday, Sunday and holidays 13.30 / 19.00


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