Electopark 2019 Genova

Genova / Electopark 2019

From Wednesday 16th to Saturday 19th October. Eighth edition for the international kermesse: combination of electronic music and historical-artistic places of Genoa, between Villa del Principe, the Church of San Giovanni di Prè and the Magazzini del Cotone in the Porto Antico.

Electropark 2019

Eighteen artists from ten countries of the world, eleven live ones including two Italian premieres and a world debut. A new path between electronic sounds and enhancement of the Genoese urban reality. From Wednesday 16 to Saturday 19 October 2019 Electropark 2019 is back, a festival of electronic music and artistic experimentation dedicated to the most recent developments in the performing arts on stage between the district of Prè and the Porto Antico. Here are the first protagonists of the eighth edition: the American Rrose, the British Andrew Weatherall and Giant Swan, the Japanese Tomoko Sauvage with the French Emmanuelle Parrenin and the Italian Alberto Barberis. Info and updates on the Electropark Festival Facebook page.

A musical program enriched by a program of in-depth analyzes, talks and itineraries able to give life to a wide and transversal cultural offer, which reflects the typical opening of the seaside city and its horizon. By bringing the sea to the fore, starting from the restoration of the graphic layout and the hashtag identified for this eighth edition, Electropark intends to give a voice to that natural vocation for the discovery that has characterized Genoa in its thirty centuries of history, also representing an unrepeatable opportunity to rediscover a city unique in the world for its charm and history.

genova musica

The program of the event is on the Electropark 2019 website. A unique musical program is that of Electropark 2019, enhanced by talks and routes. On 4 and 5 October 2019 the Genoa Soundscape Project, an itinerant field recording workshop with the aim of exploring and capturing the voices of the most representative places of the festival, between Pré, Maddalena and Porto Antico, kicks off. Once recorded the sounds of the Historic Center, an unprecedented sound map of the Ligurian capital will be created, accessible from 16 to 19 October through QR codes positioned along the urban route. The project is curated by Rilandi Marti in collaboration with Code War and Open Vicoli.

Novembre Genova

The eighth edition of Electropark sees the likes of Andrew Weatherall (United Kingdom), Rrose (United States), Giant Swan (United Kingdom), Tomoko Sauvage & Emmanuelle Parrenin (Japan / France), Alberto Barberis (Italy) arrive in Genoa , RAMZi (Canada), Sculpture (United Kingdom), Zenker Brothers (Germany), Stenny (Italy), Piezo (Italy), Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being (United States), Evelina Domnitch (Belarus / Holland), Dmitry Gelfand (Russia / Holland) and William Basinski (United States).

Dj-set, live set and lots of fun in the alleys and Porto Antico: this is Electropark 2019.

It starts on Wednesday 16 October with the performance of Alberto Barberis at the Villa del Principe. It continues between Thursday and Saturday with a rich and exciting program. and many guests including Piezo, Ramzi, Rrrose, Zenker Brothers and many others.

Info : http://www.electropark.it/

Porto Antico

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