Events in the Portofino Park

The Park in Festa 2018: three days of events in the Portofino Park

The Portofino Park and Portofino 4 Nature announce the third edition of the Parco in Festa, three days of events to get to know the Park. An extensive program of activities for all ages. Portofino 4 Nature, a tourist, gastronomic and cultural brand linked to the Portofino Promontory (Marine Protected Area and Regional Natural Park). Here are some of the scheduled activities:

Friday, September 14th

The historic mule track for the Sanctuary of Montallegro

9:00 am – Departure from the Castle (end at 13)

Guided trekking. Free.

Reservations required: <mailto:> – Tel +39 3480182556 or +39 3480182557

Kayaking excursion to Cala dell’Oro

9.30 am – Departure from the beach of Camogli. Paid.

Reservations required: <mailto:> – Tel. + 39 3343290804

Itinerant Snorkeling in the marine protected area

10.00 am – Ferry embarkation Santa Margherita Ligure. Paid.

Reservations required: <mailto:> – Tel. +39 3343290804

Easy mountain bike tour on Monte di Portofinoa.

3 pm – Via Dogali 63, Santa Margherita Ligure

Easy cycling in the Park for children and adults. Bike and helmet rental not included. Free.

Reservations required: <mailto:> – Tel. + 39 3296723405

snorkeling bimbi

Saturday 15 September

Walking around with donkey by Donkey’s Home

h. 9 – Cappelletta della Neve, Nozarego, Santa Margherita Ligure

A morning of games and walks with long-eared friends Free.

Reservations required: <mailto:> or +39 3470836713


Guided mountain bike excursion along the paths of the Portofino Park

9.30 am – Appointment in Via Dogali 63 in Santa Margherita Ligure

Discovering cycle paths through panoramic views, nature and ancient mule tracks. Paid with equipment rental.

Reservations required: <mailto:> – tel. +39 3203087036

Yoga at the Mulino del Gassetta

11.00am (1h) – Relaxing and regenerating lesson immersed in the nature of the Park. Free.

Reservations required: <mailto:> -Tel. +39 320 3087036

Lunch at the Mulino del Gassetta

Lunch based on vegetables from the garden, trofie al pesto, and tasting of craft beer. Paid.

Reservations required: <mailto:> -Tel. +39 320 3087036

Honey workshop with teaching and tasting lesson

h.15: 00 – At the Mulino del Gassetta

An interesting journey into the world of bees, full of curiosities and stories to discover. Paid for children and adults.

Reservations required: <mailto:> -Tel. +39 320 3087036

Sunday 16 September

Mountain Bike excursion from Santo Stefano d’Aveto to Portofino

All day . Support shuttle.

For a fee with the possibility of renting equipment.

Reservations required: <mailto:> – Tel. + 39 3296723405


The Portofino Park in one click

10:00 am – 1:00 pm Photographic day in search of the most evocative corners of the Park. Free activity.

Reservations required: <mailto:> – Tel +39 3480182556 or +39 3480182557

Hansel & Gretel

All day starting at 11 am – Touring show in the park, meeting and departure from the high parking of Portofino Kulm

A new experience in the natural location of the Portofino park for young and old. Paid.

Reservations required: <mailto:> – Tel. +39 3394191984

Whale Watching with departure from Camogli

by Battelli del Golfo Paradiso

11.45 am – 6.00 pm – Port of the port of Camogli

A unique experience on the open sea. The whale watching activity from 13 to 17. For a fee.

Reservations required: 0185 772091 or 392 1375558.

Draghin words music and food

12:30 – 16 – Molini Agririfugio

Tasting of traditional dishes and … dancing on the wings.

Reservations required: <mailto:> – Tel. +39 0185772291

Info for the whole event:

Tel. +39 3393533141


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