Finalborgo, journey into the Middle Ages

Finalborgo, journey into the Middle Ages.

In Finalborgo, one of the most awaited events in Liguria is on stage. From 22 to 25 August 2019

Armigeri, street artists, figurants and knights. A dip in the Middle Ages, a unique event the traditional medieval August event in Finalborgo.

The village will be decorated with flags and festoons, knights and warriors will stage duels and real tournaments, in the town will circulate the Finarino, the coin of the Marquisate of Finale.

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Among the most beautiful villages in Italy, Finalborgo, for its perfectly preserved medieval historic center, was the capital of the Marquisate Del Carretto from the 13th century .. Always plagued by wars with Genoa and Saracen assaults, it was surrounded by imposing walls that are still well preserved and visible.

The feeling that is still felt today when walking among the shops, lodges and small squares animated by bars and trattorias is a sense of welcome and protection as one had to breathe many centuries ago. In mid-August for four days of the festival, Viaggio nel Medioevo this sensation becomes reality and the village turns into a real medieval village, with the imposing castle illuminated in the night: one of the most successful historical re-enactments in Liguria. Walking in the streets of the Borgo you can browse the 6 artisan shops to discover the various artistic products: resin jewels, fireworks, sculptures, decorations, ceramics, macramé jewelry.

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For info:

The Vaggio in the Middle Ages, now in its 17th edition, is a medieval festival conceived and organized by the Centro Storico del Finale association.

Every evening three cannon shots will start the party and, until the stroke of midnight, hundreds of characters will take turns in the streets of Finalborgo, with streets and squares animated by ladies, knights and commoners, concerts of Celtic-medieval music, tournaments in horse. Do not miss the ancient crafts, the market, the medieval games and the impeccable and long-awaited medieval dinner at the “Locanda dei Cavalieri” in the splendid setting of the Cloisters of Santa Caterina.


Unexpected events and unexpected shows will animate the Borgo in every alley. Four days of shows that will culminate with the final event; the battle, where all the figurant “fighters” will compete in the re-enactment inspired by the events narrated in the “Bellum Finariense” by Gianmario Filelfo in 1453, with the help of spectacular siege engines.

Finally, the fireworks display with silent fireworks will conclude the event. Those who do not like the confusion can still enjoy the village “dressed as a party” already in the morning or stroll among the benches of the “Iberian market” from the early hours of the afternoon. An event for young people, but with great attention to families and spaces dedicated to children.

For four nights, in August the streets and squares of Finalborgo are animated by ladies and knights. Concerts of medieval Celtic music and performances by jesters, jugglers and fire-eaters alternate to amaze tourists and locals, young and old, creating an unparalleled festive atmosphere.


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