First Festival of Communication

Genoa / Brief in Genoa: first festival of communication

From Thursday 26th to Friday 27th September. Brief is born in Genoa or more simply BiG, the first festival of creativity, communication and digital marketing, organized in Genoa in the eighteenth-century salons of Villa Durazzo Bombrini in the Cornigliano district. Genoa – A festival of communication, creativity and digital marketing. Two days organized by the Urka association that will host 32 leading national and international communication figures in Genoa.

It will be called “Brief in Genoa” or, more simply “BiG”, the first festival of Genoese communication. And it will be the eighteenth-century Villa Bombrini of Cornigliano, to host it, from 25 to 27 September. The Contest will start on September 25th. The creative young people registered will be divided into teams, within which different skills will be provided; they will be given the brief and will be guided in development by established mentors and professionals (Federica Brancale, Pere Juarez, Raffaello Franiuk and Luca Pedrani).

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The formula, in fact, is that of a real brief, “technicality” that designates the meeting between the client and the agency, in which the information is passed to carry out a communication project. Slender, fast, never self-referential meetings, useful to the users of communication (the world of companies, businesses and services), to creatives who want to keep up-to-date and confront themselves, and to those who in this world want to work in the future.

BIG is the first festival of creativity, communication and digital marketing of the city of Genoa. We have thought of this for professionals, so that they can meet and update themselves on the challenges and needs of a constantly evolving industry. We have designed it for companies, so that they can feel involved in the thought processes that create value for their brands. And we thought about it for students, because there is no better way to learn than to get involved!

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“BiG has the ambition to become a useful, authoritative, recognizable event for communication professionals”, explains Lucia Cavaliere, president of the Urka cultural association and art director at Coccodè Creative. “Another ambition, aimed at a wider public (companies, companies, professionals in other sectors, students) is to communicate the many facets of the notion of communication today.

But the event will also have a social interest. “As organizers of this event, but above all as responsible and sensitive citizens, we are convinced that events like BiG should serve, albeit minimally, to help those who daily put themselves at the service of the next professionalism, time, nervous energy, material resources, soul . So we have identified a social theme, promoted by an important non-profit citizen (whose name will be revealed only at the time of delivery of the brief), on which politics and civil society can, indeed, find cohesion in a transversal way and produce something concrete. The fact that to realize the social campaign will be young creative people who will be offered a chance to highlight themselves in a healthy way and in compliance with AIAP standards, it gratifies us even more ».

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