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Gastronomic Evenings in Recco

Gastronomic Evenings in Recco

In Recco from 10 March 2020 the Gastronomic Evenings are back: an all-inclusive with many delicacies The gastronomic evenings in Recch, the most famous in Italy with a history of over forty years. This year’s review includes 12 table appointments, always in the evening, between 10 March and mid April.

The formula is the same as always: a menu with the most traditional dishes of its territory at a pre-defined price including drinks. The first part will feature the best-known street kitchens in Italy, while the second part of the cycle will be dedicated to the most famous dishes of the world kitchens.


All participants will receive a Recco branded glass.

There are many delicacies and twinning on the table: from Sicily to Germany, from the Val Di Fassa to Calabria, passing through Japan and Peru. It will be a real tour of the world of good food.

The Recchesi Evenings 2020

The 1st cycle “Great protagonists of Italy’s best-known street kitchens”

Evenings where the Ligurian Street Cuisine par excellence, the Focaccia di Recco, blends with the other “kitchens” creating fascinating, engaging and unmissable menus that tell stories, men and traditions with the products that make us know the flavors and porfumes of the territories from which they originate.

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The 2nd cycle “The most famous dishes of the world cuisines”

The world is large and full of cultures and cuisines, different from each other in terms of flavors, aromas, colors, stories and traditions. Distant countries, even very distant, not very easy to visit, get to know and savor. Sunday 22 March Vitturin restaurant from Germany on the 1st Oktoberfest in Italy. The gastronomic evenings in the recchesi, the most famous in Italy in memory of Gianni Carbone, historical restaurateur from the Recchese.

serate recchesi

Familiarly called “the evenings”, they have a history spanning over forty years, since in 1976 the restaurateurs who met in a group, today still those, and forerunners of a success resumed then from all over Italy, launched the Evenings for the first time gastronomic. The Recchesi evenings 2020 continue the wake started last year with two themes that will make the menus a true gastronomic experience first among lost flavors and products rediscovered in a journey along Italy and its most typical products.

Countless initiatives by restaurateurs in the course of over thirty years of evenings, prize competitions (with a Fiat Punto up for grabs in 1995!), Gastronomic twinnings with the catering of 14 European nations and 10 Italian regions, and then “evenings and culture “in collaboration with the Carlo Felice Theater, moving on to the successes of the” Dinners with shows “.

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Exceptional gifts for 2020 evenings

The beautiful wine glass stamped “Rechero gastronomic evenings” with the emblem sketch of the first 1976 edition stamped, to toast also at home in the name of the Rechero gastronomic evenings. Special discounts in commercial activities associated with the Civ Recco on Line.

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For your “tailor-made holiday” in Recco, book with the specialized portal for Liguria. For info: 0039.329.8580990 – or We find the best accommodation for you, with your budget.

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