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Genova / Science Festival 2019

From October 24th to November 4th. Seventeenth edition of the Science Festival, here are the previews. From October 24th to November 4th, Genoa turns into the capital of scientific culture for over 10 days.

From October 24th to November 4th 2019 new edition of the Science Festival.Seventeenth edition of the Science Festival, here are the previews. From October 24th to November 4th, Genoa turns into the capital of scientific culture for over 10 days. An event that already announces more than 327 proposals with exhibitions, workshops, conferences, special events, shows, celebrations and anniversaries to discover science at all ages and have fun.

Festiva della scienza

An event that has become an international reference point, closely linked to Genoa and Liguria, which allows scientific dissemination by involving professionals, researchers, enthusiasts, children and young people. For the 2019 edition, the key word is Elements, in homage to the Periodic Table and the international guest the Netherlands.

On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the moon landing, the festival will offer a space linked to the future of space exploration. The focus on the 150-year chemistry of the Mendeelev periodic table will also be engaging.

Great attention to environmental issues and life sciences with important ideas from the technological, medical and industrial sectors.


Festival della Scienza Genova

The 17th edition of the 2019 Science Festival has elements as its key word. Call for proposals is open, which is available online on the Science Festival website, until Friday 8 February 2019. The host country for 2019 is the Netherlands.

The key word of the 2019 Festival is Elements. A word that refers to concepts that are the basis of theories and experiences in every field of scientific knowledge. 150 years after the formulation of the classification system proposed by Mendeleev, 2019 has been declared the International Year of the Periodic Table of the Elements. A long way is the one made by chemistry, from the four Aristotelian elements to the modern periodic system, whose elements were then broken down through the discoveries of physics into increasingly elementary and recomposed particles thanks to biology into basic elements of the structure of DNA, molecules, cells , organs and organisms.

genova scienza

Genoa – The term element in mathematics corresponds to abstract concepts that form the basis of fundamental theories such as set theory, geometry and infinitesimal calculus. Elements are the individuals of a community, the fundamental principles of a science, an art or a technique, the components with which we describe the environment populated by living beings that grow, develop and evolve. On the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral relations with Italy, the choice of the host country fell on the Netherlands, a country projected towards the future that boasts very high levels in the various sectors of research and innovation, prestigious universities and true avant-gardes in areas such as climate change, agribusiness, physics and nanotechnology.

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