THE 70th Italian Song Festival

THE 70th Italian Song Festival

Festival 2020: waiting for the fourth evening, here’s what to do today in Sanremo between events, exhibitions, shows and music. And we are on Friday and here is a guide for those who don’t want to miss anything that happens in the city. Particular event at 15 when in the Ivan Graziani theater, a guided tasting of Ligurian wines will be held.

At 19 the Sanremo Unlimited awards ceremony is scheduled, a format that every year offers the best talents of pop music to important record companies, identified during live or online listening courses.

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The ‘Ligurian aperitifs’ continue until tomorrow from 12.30 to 13.30 and from 18.30 to 19.30 with the Enoteca Regionale della Liguria and Fisar sommeliers always ready to make known the regional wine excellence. All in the suggestive Liguria area.

The day will end as usual with the big screen screening of the fourth evening of the 70th Sanremo Festival. The show in front of the Ariston conducted by Gianni Rossi continues until tomorrow: the ‘Red Carpet Show’ attended by all the protagonists of the 2019 Festival. It will start around 3 pm and will last until 6 pm.

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The event ‘Sanremo Sonora’ explodes in Piazza Bresca and Piazza Sardi with a busy musical program. At ‘Suite 2020’, the guest house set up in Villa Emma in the Miramare The Palace Hotel gardens, we will talk – at 3 pm – about the digital music revolution with TikTok, the platform dedicated to the creation and sharing of short-lived videos directly from mobile.

Don’t miss: the Sanremo Festival exhibition continues until Sunday at the Casino. 70 years of smiles and melodies’ with the finalist cartoons of the ‘Humor Festival’ contest. At the luxury outlet ‘The Mall’ in Valle Armea the exhibition ‘The Fashion Side of Festival’ is set up, made with the clothes that have made the history of the Festival.


At the casino at 8.00 pm today the seventh edition of the ‘Excellence Award of Italy’ with the rite of the photocall and the interviews with the various media present and a welcome aperitif by Wine Moss, which will continue until 9.00 pm for the start of the dinner gala during which the coveted prizes will be awarded.

From Ariston to Piazza Colombo: this year’s event also shone the spotlight on the large stage set up in Piazza Colombo as part of the ‘Between Stage and City’ initiatives to bring the city a festive atmosphere. After Mika’s performance, it is now the highly anticipated Ghali.

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But the day is not yet over: the appeal is missing the Victory Morgana Bay which this evening offers the GranGala & Show where there will be many guests and artistic surprises that will accompany the tasting. The night party will have as International Guest Star Dj: Benny Benassi. Absolutely Benny Benassi is the most recognized, admired and respected Italian DJ and producer of dance music worldwide.

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