Triora celebrates Halloween

Triora / Halloween 2019

October 31st and November 1st. Triora celebrates Halloween again this year with a two-day party. The longest night. The biggest fire. The most awaited night.

What better destination than Triora in Liguria to experience the Halloween party, to be catapulted into a magical atmosphere.

Triora has long been known as the land of witches. The Triora Halloween Party will be an unmissable event.

Get ready to experience a unique experience, to share with the whole family: Triora, the magic of a village like no other, which has kept its old charm intact.


For all the hungry witches and ghosts, there will be many dining options with typical products: rostelle, frisciöi, pancakes In the historic center the largest bonfire will be lit, where music will accompany an ancient practice of magic.

La ridda: the procession symbolizes the communion of intent. United towards a single goal. The dancing step of the witches, the ritual formula and the appropriate music (the Faia) complete the great evocative spirit of La Ridda.

This year a new shuttle service consisting of 9 vehicles, small and fast. Departure from Molini di Triora. In addition, parking at Molini di Triora will be free.


Thursday, October 31st

10:00 Opening event with the “Samhain Fair”

10.00 Start free registration “Best mask competition”

14.00 “IL FUMO SACRO” Workshop the magical properties of incense

15.00 “Dolcetto or Scherzetto” children’s workshop starts

16.00 Workshop “The magic pendulum”

16,00 children workshop “Dolcetto or Scherzetto”

17.00 “Dolcetto or Scherzetto” children’s workshop

5.45 pm Workshop for children “GIACUMIN U ‘LANTERNA”

18.00 Esoteric Candles Workshop

18.30 closing “Best mask competition” with prize-giving.

19.00 music with the Barbarian Pipe Band in Corso Italia

19.30 music with the Barbarian Pipe Band in Piazza Strega

20.00 music with the Barbarian Pipe Band in Piazza della Chiesa

20.30 concert by the Barbarian Pipe Band (large bus tour)

20.30 Bonfire lighting (wide bus ride)

20.45 the Game of fire, where music will accompany an ancient practice of analogue magic.

20.45 La Ridda, departure of the awaited propitiatory procession where sips of magic herbs with Karin’s herbal tea await us.

21.00 at the Cabotina ancestral vibrations of the Didgeridoo with Enzone Ansemble

23.30 music concert GrandBaldub resort tennis court

01.30 end of the event

Friday, November 1st

10.00 am Samhain Fair

11.00 am Conference “Astrology of Samhain”

11.00 Music with traveling FAIA in the Squares of the Borgo

11.00 Workshop for children “GIACUMIN U’ LANTERNA ”(Jack o’ Lantern)

14.00 Music with the Barbarian Pipe Band traveling in the squares of the village.

14.00 Giovanni Borrello presents “The Witchcraft in Liguria”

14.30 Beginning of the children’s workshop “Trick or treat”

15.00 Manuela Saccone and Giuseppe Testa present “Healing Witches and Enchanting Priests”

15.30 Beginning of the children’s workshop “Trick or treat”

16,00 departure Haunted tour through the streets of the village

17.00 children workshop “Trick or treat”

18.00 departure Tour haunted by the streets of the village

calendario-eventi-2019 Triora

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