Visit to Villa Grock

Visit to Villa Grock

Villa Bianca, or much better known as Villa Grock, is one of those magical places that all Imperians know about. It is a place shrouded in mystery, which has always fascinated children of all generations and all those who, by mistake or not, have passed in front of its gates.

Villa Grock is without a doubt one of the most particular and bizarre buildings that can be found in the Riviera dei Fiori. The architecture and decorations, full of esoteric and Masonic symbolisms, are so tied to Grock’s personality himself that it would be impossible to talk about it without first describing and telling the story of its owner.


There are numerous mysteries and legends about this villa, as well as stories and curiosities are told about its owner Charles Adrien Wettach, aka Grock, considered the greatest clown of all time.

The Villa Acquired by the Province of Imperia in 2002, the villa was opened for the first time to the public on January 17, 2010. The complete recovery of the noble floors, in full respect of their original characteristics, again reveals their splendor and refined wealth . Defined as a “Stone Circus” for the numerous references to the circus world that can be identified in many architectural details (street lamps, columns, decorations, balustrades, differences in height, frescoes …), influenced by the Liberty style but undeniably infected also by the taste of contemporary artists Grock such as Dalì, Picasso and Gaudì, the villa could also be identified by a so-called “Eastern eclectic” style.

villa Gock

The park. The beauty, the charm and the mystery of this “enchanted place” of the Riviera di Ponente are ready to satisfy the curiosity of visitors after the careful restoration completed in 2006. The complete recovery of the garden, today allows you to find the atmosphere designed by Adrien Wettach himself, of whom a great passion for plants is told. The well-defined walkways invite to strolls, while all around the spindle columns, the daring arches, the absolutely unique decorations, the fountains and the pond with its oriental-inspired bridge, complete the suggestive and fairytale setting. It was Grock himself who led the project signed by the technician Armando Brignole, therefore it is not surprising that the originality of this villa is difficult to define. Rather than attempting to bring it back to a style, it is instead appropriate to consider it a sort of self-portrait, an expression of an extraordinary, playful and creative personality

Opening of Villa and Park

The Villa (park and museum) is open:

– Monday from 15.00 to 18.00

– Wednesday from 15.00 to 18.00

– on Friday from 9.00 to 12.30

For info: 0183.407375

Please note that the Villa is also open during midweek days by reservation only for groups with a minimum number of 10 participants. (for reservations write to

interni villa Grock

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