Walk among the olive trees

There are 123 Oil Towns that for the Walking Day among the Olives will program outdoor walks in the olive groves, visits to the olive mills and olive trees, tastings of typical products and tasting courses to appreciate the goodness of our oil and the charm of our territory.

For the Liguria region: Andora, Arnasco Badalucco, Bajardo, Castelvittorio, Chiusavecchia, Diano Arentino, Pieve di Teco, Taggia.The Walk among the Olives is an event that aims to reestablish a link with the land to let the enthusiasts of the enogastronomic culture of our country discover the territories of origin of our products.


Throughout the peninsula the environment of olive cultivation has common but at the same time different characteristics depending on the region concerned. The initiative is a new way of promoting oil tourism through the heritage of our territories.

The second edition of the “Walk among the olive trees” lands in the province of Imperia.In the year dedicated to Italian food, 2018, in Liguria the Oil Towns celebrate the landscape and the millenary culture of oil with the second edition of the Walk among the olive trees.

camminate tra gli olivi

Also this year over 120 cities throughout Italy have actively responded to the invitation of the National Association of Oil Town setting up their own walk (from 2 to 5 kilometers) accompanied by meetings, itineraries, tastings.

Everyone has planned a route among the olive trees with unique features from the historical and environmental point of view.The paths of the 2018 Walk represent an opportunity to discover the peculiarities of the cultivations and territories: from the pine-flavored olives, such as Pignola, to the taggiasche, the famous typical variety of Taggia, from the murals that animate the main road of Arnasco to the Path Balcony that leads from Badalucco to Ceriana among the olive groves, from the mule tracks that rise up to 750 meters in Bajardo, among the highest olive groves in the province of Imperia, you’ll be spoiled for choice on a Sunday in the name of of nature and tradition.

camminate - tra -ulivi

To choose your own itinerary or just to learn more, just click. The www.camminatatragliolivi.it website is online to download the program of the day and find news on the territory, the landscape and the history. And there is also the fan page on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter channels with the hashtag #camminatatragliolivi that can also be used to post photos of places and events to create a real community of the day.

The National Association of Oil Town, with its more than 320 members all public bodies (Municipalities, Provinces, Chambers of Commerce, Parks and LAGs) protects the olive grove territory and fights for the enhancement of rural landscapes.

diano aRENTINO

To find out more, the www.camminatatragliolivi.it website is online. And there is also the fan page on Facebook and the Instagram and Twitter channels with the hashtag #camminatatragliolivi.

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