The summer of Tigullio will see for the second year hundreds of athletes in the clear waters of the Levantine sea and travel through the ancient crêuze: this is the magic of Sea2sky.


3 races where the peculiarity of the territory makes it master: a track that in 1000 meters of swimming and 5000 meters of off-road racing brings competitors from the blue to the sea to that of the sky. The first race on July 23. The second stage will be in Rapallo on August 6th: a race at night. The final for September 10 at Lavagna: departure in the morning with a sea route and then Trail Running towards Capenardo.
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Classical marine route designed to “M” with halfway to “Australian” and then trail running towards Mount Capenardo.

A truly challenging Trail trail, with majestic scenery from the peaks, with important differences in distance in a few kilometers: these are the ingredients of the S2S! For the little ones there is the “Sea2sky KIDS” in the afternoon of August 6 at Rapallo (on short distances): the small future champions engaged in such a particular discipline.


Anyone can take part in the S2S, whether it is an athlete or an agonist, whether he or she intends to deal with a non-competitive amateur approach.

We are also expecting many athletes in STAFFETTA this year, where we team up with a companion, dividing the swimming and racing part: an extra chance to participate!

In this regard, the event director of the organizing company, Andrea Molinari, says: “I do not conceal that the most exciting element of the whole Sea2sky championship will be to see the 50 ruthless athletes starting from San Michele beach to dive into the dark waters, driven only by booms Bright and their spirit of adventure “.

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