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Hotel in Pegli


Territory di Pegli:

Pegli is a residential area in the suburbs of Genova, it was initially a renowned spa and has maintained its orientation as a seaside resort despite the industrialization of the city. It is a popular resort for foreigners who enjoy the village seaside effect it offers. The all year round mild climate of Pegli is just second to that of Ospedaletti as the best in Liguria, thanks to the nearness of the sea and the mountains that shelter it from the north winds.

In and around Pegli you can visit some villas and museums of cultural and artisic interest and also the ruins of medieval times and the Liberty style villas.


Pope Benedict XV was born here as well as the singer/songwriter Fabrizio De André

Pegli is part of the Municipality District VII which includes Voltri and Prà.

Once an independent municipality, Pegli, together with 18 other municipalities became part of Greater Genova in 1926.

Culture and Parks in Pegli:

Noteworthy is the vast green area of Pegli, thanks to the presence of numerous villas and historic parks (115000 m² ) For further information visit the following site:

Villa Durazzo-Pallavicini (97000 m²) Information:

Villa Lomellini Banfi (18000 m²) e Villa Lomellini Rosa (12000 m²). For information and photos visit the following site:

Art in Pegli:

The sea, the parks, the villas have always been subjects of meditation and reflection evoking in artists words, verses, feelings, music. The joyful vegetation of the hills and rocks protected by orange and lemon orchards, palm trees and camellias is the variety of beauty along the sheer jagged seafront.

The little black rock called "Pietra Polla" which rises about 200 mts from the coast, is really characteristic and at one time risked being swallowed up by a pier under constuction, however, thanks to a fervant protest by the inhabitants, it was saved from such fate.

One of the villas of great architectural wealth is that of the banker Adamao Centurione , it is called Villa Centurione Doria and is today the seat of the Naval Museum of Pegli. For further information visit the following site:


In Pegli you can find many clubs and places to practise sports; swimming, tennis , football, volleyball, basketball and watersports,thanks to the nearness of the sea. For further information visit the following site:


There are various itineraries for excursions of different lengths going from 9 to 33kms:

Entertainment and Sports in Pegli:

There is also an adventure park in Pegli with four different 2 hour itineraries:


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