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Hotel in Santa Margherita Ligure

Santa Margherita Ligure

Santa Margherita Ligure:

"One must imagine a Greek island, on which mountains and forests alternate capriciously and that one day , for whatever phenomenon , has sailed to the mainland and there moored without ever sailing away ."

-Friedrich Nietzsche

Territory of Santa Margherita Ligure:

Santa Margherita Ligure,destination and passage way for artists like Kandinskij, Rubaldo Merello and also physicists, philosophers , poets, for example : Guglielmo Marconi , of course Nietzsche and Camillo Sbarbaro , is situated in the Eastern Riviera Ligure. It lays on a sluice basin in the north western part of the Cape of Portofino and in the inner part of the Gulf of Tigullio , populated along the two main coves. The town, situated east of Genoa, is surrounded by hills covered in mediterranaen vegetation ( sea pinewoods, chestnuts, and lower down ,olive groves) scattered with villas and gardens over-looking the “Costa dei Delfini” (Dolphin Coast) which joins the town to Portofino. Santa Marghertia Ligure is a much appreciated seaside resort in the eastern Riviera.

The territory is made up of the three districts of Nozarego, Paraggi e San Lorenzo della Costa for a total of 10.04 sqms.

Sports in Santa Margherita Ligure:

The sport structures in Santa Margherita are the following:

Sports ground Via Garibotti 25 - tel. 0185.289435

Tennis Club: Via Frugone 8 - tel. 329 2720311

Sailing Club: Calata Porto 20 - tel. 0185.280485

Crazy Golf: Viale Rainusso - mob. 348.5105006

Sports Arena: Piazza Roccatagliata - tel. 0185.289421

Boules Ground: Via Buonincontri

Indoor swimming pools can be found in nearby towns.

Of course there are also football pitches, playgrounds for children and gyms for Fitness and Body-Building.

For excursion and bike lovers there are numerous itineraries to be done; here you will find some suggestions:

A nice, handy way to move around is by using the shared bike system; you will find detailed information on the following site:

On the site below you will find informaion on bike-hire and offers and attractions:

Part of the town area of Santa Margherita Ligure comprises the regional park of Portofino with its 800 ???kms of marked paths, excursionists will find everything they wish for given the variety of trails, amazing scenic spots, coves, cliffs, crossing the rural settlements and seaside villages rich in history and art. The mild climate allows hiking and biking all year round, the signposts along the park trails help the even less experienced hiker find his way and choose a more suitable itinerary.

Precisely as the the french poet Valery Laurbaud said” This landscape seeped in olive trees never changes and offers to me a vision of the immutable “. This we can find in the town area ,site of interest for the European Community, proposed by the network, Natura 2000 of Liguria, for its particular natural and geological interest.. The site is located among the sea bottoms of Camogli, Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure where a particular form of habitat stands out formed by neptune grassland, coral formation and deep murky grottos. Among the animal species there are rare fish like the Epinephelus marginatus , shellfish, gorgons snd red coral.(Naturally this is a protected environment).

Events , Shows and Competitions of Artistic and Cultural interest in Santa Margherita Ligure:

  • " The Carlo Negri Cup - Regate Pirelli". is an international sailing competition organized every year at the beginning of May by the Yacht Club and Sailing Club in the waters across from Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure.
  • "Premio Bindi (Bindi Award)– Singer-Songwriter Festival " dedicated to the genovese singer-songwriter Umberto Bindi which takes place in July.
  • "Premio Giornalistico Internazionale of Santa Margherita Ligure of culture" (Award) in June.
  • "Premio Santa Margherita Ligure ''Fernanda Pivano" (Award) in July.
  • "Premio Internazionale Santa Margherita per l'economia" (Award for economy) in September..
  • Inter-district sea race of Tigullio, Santa Margherita Ligure , San Michele di Pagana, Rapallo, Zoagli, Chiavari, Lavagna e Sestri Levante challenge one another each year , between May and August, to a series of rowing races in typical fishing boats or skiffs of liguria in the waters of the Gulf of Tigullio. The first edition was held in 1974.
  • "Palco sul mare festival" (Stage by the sea festival) "Ridere sotto le stelle".(Laughing under the stars) These are two reviews of music and cabaret which are held every summer in the gardens on the promenade with various performances by some famous national singers and comedians.
  • The animated park is “the Magic Flute”. In the setting of the children's playground (created by Lele Luzzati) two nice, important events are held for youngsters: every summer from June to August.
  • ”Inter district race.” The whole town competing for a trophy: divided into six teams that represent the districts and areas of Santa Margherita (Ghiaia, O Cian, Nozarego/Corte, San Bernardo, San Lorenzo della Costa e San Siro), every year on the second Sunday of september the citizens compete in eleven different sports to achieve “citizen predominance”
  • "Festa della Primavera".(Sprinfg Festival). Every year in March Santa Margherita welcomes the Spring Festival : bonfires, fireworks and thousands of fritters.
  • Summer in festivity) between July and August there are seven great popular festivities in honour of the those who became saints. Apart from the Patron Saint Margherita of Antiochia( 20 July), all the areas and districts celebrate: Corte (festivity of the Madonna della Lettera), Sant'Erasmo, San Siro, San Bernardo, San Lorenzo della Costale Nozarego.
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